August 6, 2016

What We Do Together

Bible Study

Capture d’écran 2016-08-25 à 18.24.07 Hungry Minds

Our “Hungry Minds” Bible study (in English) and weekly supper gathers each Monday evening. (For Fall 2018, we recommence on September 10!). We meet on the 2nd floor of the Anglican Cathedral Place at 1444, avenue Union, across from The Bay store near Métro McGill. Hungry Minds Facebook group for up-to-date information about our next meeting’s scripture topic and supper menu.




One or two Sunday evenings a month during the school year, students from multiple churches gathering for a contemporary, bilingual Communion service. Our young adults take the lead in planning worship, leading prayers, and frequently preaching.

The schedule and location varies throughout the year. Check out our Events page to see when and where we are gathering next.

Sunday Morning Worship

Time with peers is important, but so is being part of the wider body of Christ. We encourage you to check out local churches to find a spiritual home that helps you meet the youngest children and oldest saints in the family of the church. Check out our list of local church options.

Capture d’écran 2016-08-25 à 22.38.37Community Service & Social Justice

The Epistle of James says, “Faith without works is dead.” We are committed to living our faith in actions of serving others and advocating for transforming our world. We engage in frequent community service projects, both on our own and far more commonly by teaming up with other organisations, like other campus religious groups and local churches and other nonprofits. Check out our Events page to see what is coming up.

meet_the_chaplainsEcumenical & Interfaith Connections

The United Church of Canada’s New Creed reminds us, “We are not alone, we live in God’s world.” And so does everyone else! While being a strong community is important, we are part of larger communities, the university community, Montréal, the Christian community, the community of those of faith, and so many more. The chaplaincy is already the work of different kinds of Christians sharing resources, and beyond that as chaplaincy, we look for ways to build connections across denominations and religions. Part of that is by being on the interfaith team of volunteers at the McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, field trips to other places of worship, and joint activities with other religious student groups.

12042992_633954196747784_8919002758976427096_nRetreats & (Holy) Fun

Sometimes you just need to play together or get away from the bustle of city and student life. Once a semester we take a retreat, a weekend away that is a mix of social fun and spiritual reflection. Throughout the semester we do smaller fun activities such as board game nights, movie nights, museum trips, and supporting one another’s concerts and art shows and plays.

Check out our Events page to see what is coming up.

Pastoral Care

Need to talk? Need someone to listen? Someone to pray with you and for you? As a chaplain on the McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life team, the Rev’d Jean-Daniel is committed to meeting with any member of the McGill community, student or staff or faculty, regardless of their own faith background, who wishes to meet. Learn more.

Capture d’écran 2016-08-25 à 23.06.05Baptisms & Weddings

For students and young adults involved in our ministries, the chaplain is happy to perform weddings.

Adults seeking baptism for themselves or their children should contact a local church of their preference. In conjunction with local churches, the chaplain does provide students and young adults considering baptism preparatory education. Contact Chaplain Jean-Daniel.

12247144_10102492569238061_2844964215896058111_nGuest Speaking

Chaplain Jean-Daniel is available to speak at academic events such as course lectures, panel discussions, and conferences where a progressive, Protestant Christian voice is sought. He has guest lectured in courses on a range of topics from environment to education, wherever intersectionality with religion was sought by the professor!

Also, our student group includes many bright and eloquent young people who can bring a spiritual or religious perspective to topics from chemistry, to music, to gender and sexuality studies, and the chaplain would be happy to recommend them depending on your needs.