November 22, 2015

Sunday Church Communities

The Chaplaincy leads a monthly multi-church young adult and student bilingual communion service, but on Sunday mornings we encourage students to find an intergenerational worshipping community to participate in. While most of our students are at the two chaplaincy partner parishes, St. James United and Christ Church (Anglican) Cathedral, where our chaplain is associate minister for young adults, some students find their most comfortable spiritual home elsewhere. No matter where, or even if, you attend church, we welcome students and other young adults to chaplaincy events. For your information, some options are listed below.

(Service information is believed to be valid, but it is always wise to double check schedules on each parish’s own site before visiting in person.)

Chaplaincy Partner Anglican and United Parishes

13076903_10154254237509636_7127273497873433586_nSt. James United Church

463, rue Ste-Catherine ouest

Worship in English Sundays at 11 am

St. James United Church is a community located downtown Montréal and part of the United Church of Canada. The community was established in 1807 under the Methodist faith and growth led the community to build in 1888 the present church building on Rue Sainte-Catherine. Following a long tradition of commitment to social justice, the community meets the spiritual needs of people of all ages, claiming the value of each and everyone, regardless of their culture, race or sexual orientation, including people with the most diverse skills who are facing challenges.

Métro: McGill or Place-des-Arts
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14046057_10103048574673711_1756317923344632417_nChrist Church (Anglican) Cathedral
635, rue Ste-Catherine ouest

Book of Common Prayer Spoken Eucharist in English Sundays at 8 am
Sung Eucharist in English Sundays at 10 am
Sung Eucharist in French Sundays at 12:45 pm
Bilingual Evensong Sundays at 4 pm

Christ Church Cathedral is a diverse and inclusive community, welcoming people of all cultural backgrounds, ages, life experiences and sexual orientations and valuing the rich spiritual gifts they bring. We rejoice in the equal ministry of women and men together. At the Cathedral you will find a community of people who seek to love God with an open heart, an enquiring mind, a growing soul and a fervent strength in daily prayer, worship, silence, study, and music, and to love their neighbours as themselves, transforming lives as followers of Christ and seeking social justice, in fellowship, pastoral care, and stewardship of all God has entrusted to us.

Métro: McGill
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Other Downtown Parishes

100829483Church of St. John the Evangelist (Anglican)
137, av. du Président-Kennedy

Low Mass in English Sundays at 8:30 am
Matins in English Sundays at 9:45 am
Solemn High Mass in English Sundays at 10:30 am

Since its inception in 1861, St. John’s has been faithful to the mission set out by our founder, Father Edmund Wood: to uphold the fullness of Catholic faith and worship within the Anglican Communion. We believe in the centrality of Catholic worship and are committed to serving God in ‘the beauty of holiness’ through the perfection of ritual, word, and music. ‘Openness to all’ is a fundamental characteristic of the parish. Such openness brings together people from a broad spectrum of origins, opinions, and life experiences, making the congregation diverse, interesting, and stimulating. St. John’s is characterized by a strong sense of Catholic tradition: an orthodox and faithful theological and doctrinal outlook, a caring and compassionate attitude on moral and social issues, a full liturgical calendar, a liturgy faithful to the Western Rite, a rich and varied musical offering, and a diverse devotional life.

Métro: Place-des-Arts
Website / Facebook Page

Church+WinterSt. John’s Lutheran Church
Street Address

Worship in German Sundays at 9:30 am
Worship in English Sundays at 11 am

St. John’s is the oldest Lutheran church in Montréal, founded in 1853. St. John’s continues to provide ministry and focus to Christians and inquirers searching for community with God. While still active in the German milieu, St. John’s increasingly receives new members from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Many denominational backgrounds are represented, but the goal for community is simple: faith and people. In the midst of a diverse city, a community gathers to pray and offer thanksgiving, to seek healing from the pain of sin, and to celebrate the love and mercy of God. In our services, we use Evangelical Lutheran Worship at the English service and Evangelisches Gesangbuch (Lutheran Church of Bavaria edition) for the German services. Every Sunday is a Eucharist.

Métro: Place-des-Arts
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St.+George's+exterior+2St. George’s Anglican Church, Place-du-Canada
1001, av. des Canadiens-de-Montréal

Eucharist in English Sundays at 9 am and 10:30 am

We celebrate the Eucharist, a Greek word that means “thanksgiving.” During our time together we experience our faith in Word and Sacrament. Passages from the Bible are read and reflected on in the sermon. We then pray, offering our cares and concerns to God and ask that our lives may be transformed through God’s will. Through prayer we discover how we have fallen short of all that God intends us to be, so we confess and seek God’s mercy and grace to inspire change in us. We then celebrate the Eucharist, the ritual sharing of bread and wine. Jesus’ life lived for and on behalf of others inspires us to see our own lives as a gift to be shared; and the resurrection affirms the counter-intuitive wisdom that it is in letting go of what we are afraid to lose that we are transformed and made new. After sharing Eucharist, our service concludes in song and we gather in the parish hall to share fellowship and refreshments, to welcome those who are new and to share our lives with our members who we know and love. As with the Eucharist, it is a sacred time and place where all are welcome.

Métro: Bonaventure

Eglise_unie_Saint-Jean_04Église unie St-Jean
110, rue Ste-Catherine est

Worship in French Sundays at 10:30 am

Église unie St-Jean is a French-speaking, progressive Protestant church in the heart of the city for 175 years. Our teaching is founded on a communal reading of the Bible, in the light of social sciences and the present realities of society and the world. In the Bible, in that light, we discover a loving God who unconditionally welcomes humans into God’s graces and acts within them to transform the world in the image of God’s reign of justice and peace.

Métro: St-Laurent

Iglesia Unida Camino de Emaús
110, rue Ste-Catherine est

Worship in Spanish Sundays at 10:00 am

Iglesia Unida Camino de Emaús is a Spanish-speaking, culturally Latin American, Protestant church that is rooted in Reformation tradition, proclaims the gospel as the Word of Life, announces God’s love is unconditional, and builds a community of responsible and engaged disciples.

Métro: St-Laurent
Website / Facebook Page

13327513_1254377751254133_5081092621520327940_nSt Jax Montréal (Anglican)
1439, rue Sainte-Catherine ouest

Bilingual Worship Sundays at 10 am

Imagine an exciting, new community of faith in Jesus Christ, right in the heart of downtown Montréal. Our prayer is that God would build us into a modern, open place where all can come with their questions about life. Imagine a church with vibrant worship in English and French where bilingual families and individuals can celebrate God’s love, together! Imagine a church home where children are an integral part of every gathering, inspired by their parents and grandparents to grow in their faith. And now, imagine all that in a brand new community with a new formula. Our prayer is that God would build us into a modern, open place where all can come with their questions about life. Our vision is to love Jesus, build community and transform lives. We hope to do this in active learning partnerships with friends from all parts of the church – evangelical, sacramental, charismatic and more. We are particularly inspired by a new movement of church planting from London England and led by a church called Holy Trinity Brompton, home of Alpha.

Métro: Guy-Concordia
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union-united-church_2Union United Church
3007, rue Delisle

As a Christian church we have committed ourselves to our God’s call to lead  people to Jesus Christ, bring  them into dynamic Christian fellowship, nurture  them into Christ-like maturity and equip  them for service to glorify  God’s name. In July 1907, a group of Black railway porters and their wives (founding members of the Coloured Women’s Club) convened a meeting. These men and women wished to worship in their own church in their own style with dignity, respect of person and equality of participation, regardless of gender, one’s ethnic origin or faith. They established a Covenant by which the church would exist as a distinct body, and which every member accepted.

Métro: Lionel-Groulx/Lionel-Groulx

Capture d’écran 2016-08-21 à 21.45.33Westmount Park United Church
4695, boul. de Maisonneuve ouest, Westmount

Worship in English Sundays at 4:30

This is a church for the eco-environmentalists among us. With several initiatives to create a Faith in Nature Centre. The third Friday and third Sunday are normally significant dates each month for an educational evening on Fridays, a climate café and a pet/plant worship service on the Sunday.

Métro: Vendôme